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I have been really deeply affected by the story of Arturo, a polar bear trapped in terrible conditions (40 degree heat, not enough water, no fresh water, no enrichment) in the Argentinian desert. Mendoza Zoo are blocking attempts to relocate him and improve his living conditions. Over the last week or so, I have been researching his story and wanted to list all the actions that people who are also concerned about him can take to help this poor bear. I need to do all I can to help improve his conditions.

I’m not posting pictures here as many are available online (e.g., this just details the actions you can take to add more force to the movement. PLEASE take a few minutes to do one of the following, or as many as you can. Just as we can judge the degree of civilisation of a society by entering its prisons,  we can also judge the greatness of a society and its moral progress by the way it treats its animals (borrowing from Dostoyevsky and Gandhi).


***19/07/14 HuffPost cover #FreeArturo:

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THANK YOU so much for reading this and PLEASE take one or more of the actions below and share this with your friends.


1. Sign the Greenpeace petition (162,286 signatures and counting, please add yours!) DIN seems to require a phone number length string of digits.


Also sign this petition to the President of Argentina:


2. Tweet ‘the world is watching. #freearturo’ to


3. EMAIL the office of the Mendoza Gobierno (Government), the British consulate in Argentina, the Argentine consulate in Britain, the WWF in Argentina and the zoo keeping him in these appalling conditions:,,,,,,


Email template:

“We strongly urge you to URGENTLY improve the living conditions and consider the relocation of the Polar Bear Arturo to the “Specialised Center for Polar Bears” in Canada. Arturo’s life is currently at risk due to enduring extreme temperatures of 40c and above in Mendoza Zoo, Argentina. These same high temperatures led to the death of Winner, a polar bear at the zoo in Buenos Aires in December 2012.

Arturo’s plight is gaining coverage in National British media:—worlds-3847770#.U8KDuKp7IaM.twitter

AFADA (Association of Professional Attorneys for the Rights of Animals) have collected more than 300,000 signatures requesting Arturo’s transfer.Greenpeace is also concerned about the unacceptable living conditions of Arturo and requested his transfer on January 21, 2014:

Polar bears are the largest land carnivore on Earth. They are so well insulated they can easily become overheated! They swim to hunt, cool down on warm days and are known to submerge to depths of up to 15ft. On land in the wild they can reach speeds of 40 kilometers per hour (25 mph) and can range inland as far as 150 kilometers (90 miles).

Keeping polar bears in captivity in zoos is a challenge since there are no modern devices that can recreate the animal’s habitat and meet their biological and behavioral needs as revealed by current studies:

People from countries around the world have supported the cause by spreading the information, signing petitions, sending letters calling for justice for Arturo, asking that he has the life he deserves with other polar bears in Canada.

The message has been unanimous:

“Do not let him die slowly in Mendoza Zoo, in a habitat that is unsuitable in every aspect.”

He does not even have a deep pool. He only has a shallow little pool filled with dirty, hot water, not even deep enough to cover his bulk, let alone to dive or swim in! As shown in this video:

If Arturo is left in the Mendoza Zoo he is doomed to both mental and physical health issues, and to die without any consideration or respect for his life and the fact that he is a majestic animal from a land vastly different to Mendoza. At this zoo he is treated like an object, not a living creature who has rights.

In the eighteenth century, human slavery was considered normal, slaves were not “people” but “possessions.” Humanity has evolved and it’s time to take another step forward. Zoos are institutions of the nineteenth century and currently many countries are eliminating them, or at least upgrading to zoo parks, such as Assiniboine Zoo who wants to take Arturo.

 Animals are not things, they are not owned by anyone, they are living beings that deserve to be respected, and who are a vital part of a healthy, balanced ecology.

Thank you very much for your attention,

Name / city / country” (Thanks to

4.  Facebook the Argentinian government, asking them to improve #Arturo’s conditions and co-operate with attempts to relocate him. This posts onto the profile page and you can also comment. . You could also tweet the President of Argentina / @CasaRosadaAR


5.  Send the emails suggested at


6. Sign this petition to the President of Argentina:


7. Sign this petition lobbying the governor of Mendoza:


8. Sign this petition to the Government of Canada:


9. Ask your friends and family for more ideas about what we can do and spread the word. There is no need for Arturo to be kept like this, Mendoza Zoo can improve his conditions and ideally we will ultimately manage to get Arturo relocated to more appropriate living quarters. Its just about getting the message to the right people and making enough noise that it can’t be ignored.


10. Contact local and national media about this story.


11. Send this letter on pastebin: